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CONNECT NICEM provides interpreters for a range of public sector agencies in Northern Ireland, but specialised in interpreting within the criminal justice sector.

Contracted Service

We hold contracts to provide services to a number of public sector organisations. If you are a staff member within one of these organisations you can use our 24hr telephone number to make a booking, or either email or fax us with your request.

You can find our contact details within your organisation.

Non-contracted Services

If you wish to make a booking for an interpreter for the first time please contact our office on 028 9023 8645 for details of our terms and conditions of service.


Code of practice for interpreters

NICEM introduced the first Code of Practice , for interpreters working in northern Ireland. This code underpins the work of interpreters registered with our service and insurance to service provides that they are receiving the standard of work expected.

In the event of an interpreter breaching this Code of Practice they may be suspensed or removed from the service; this dependent upon the nature of the occurance and following a full and fair investigation.


If you require further info please do contact us;

Member of the Bookings Team
CONNECT NICEM Interpreting Service
1st Floor, Ascot House
24-31 Shaftesbury Square
Tel: (028) 9043 8063
Fax: (028) 9031 9485


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